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Máy mài quỹ đạo
Manufacturer: Rupes - Italy


Speed: 200 - 500 rpm
Orbit Size: 5mm
Size(LxH): 335mm x 125mm
Pad Size: 150mm
Weight: 2.3KG
Power: 550
Variable Speed: YES
Shaft locking button: YES

Sales Feature/Benefits
• Forced rotation dual action tool with a new gearing technology specifically designed for the fast removal of stock. The action of this tool allows surfaces to be smoothed and prepared directly for subsequent finishing operations saving intermediate steps.
• The combination of the powerful 550W motor and planetary gearing produces high torque under load.
• The connection for external dust extraction systems is
equipped with a flow regulation valve for controlling the suction effect which improves the user control of the tool.
• Multifunction electronic module for speed regulation with torque control
• Soft start-up device that prevents a digging in effect and damaging the surface of work and provides for greater user control when starting the tool.
• Patented shaft locking mechanism for the quick replacement of pads

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